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Water Sports

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, surfing can be a challenging and rewarding sport.

Surfing isn't something you're likely to just “pick up,” but plenty of people have it on their bucket list. Don't Learn by Yourself. Pick a Good Teacher. Use a Big Surfboard. Get Yourself a Soft-Top. Surf a Beginners Wave. Spend Some Time on Dry Land First. Pace Yourself.

Windsurfing  beaches and surf


Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind.

Polynesians have been using boards with sails for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until the 1960s that windsurf board design really developed and it became the sport we know today. You can read a full history of the sport here.

Unlike surfing, windsurfing uses the wind to propel forward while surfing uses the force of waves. This means you can practice the sport anywhere with a big body of water and wind, such as lakes, rivers, estuaries and, of course, the open ocean.
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Which is better? Why would someone choose one over the other?

Snorkeling and scuba diving are both fun and adventurous underwater activities that allow you to explore and admire the beauty of marine life—but they greatly differ in how they allow you to do it. General knowledge tells us that snorkeling involves a mask and tube (snorkel) while scuba diving requires a more complicated set of equipment, which includes an autonomous breathing gas supply. read more
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Bodyboarding  beaches and surf


Bodyboarders are passionate about their sport and, today, prone riding is an established art form.

For many, bodyboarding is the ultimate wave riding sport. Boogie boarding fanatics might say that their sport preceded surfing as an ancient outdoor activity. And for a few, bodyboarding is just an easier way to get into the waves.

There are also riders who, depending on the ocean's mood, will ride a bodyboard or a surfboard. A significant minority of hardcore riders will never trade a bodyboard for a surfboard.

However, the eternal debate continues. Is surfing better than bodyboarding? Why should you ride prone when you can stand up? Is there a natural way to enjoy the energy of a wave?
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Kayaking & Paddleboarding

Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving across water. ... A kayak is a low-to-the-water, canoe-like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then the other in rotation.

Paddleboarding is an outdoor water sports activity in which a rider stands up on a large board and uses a paddle to move through the water. ... Today, the paddleboard ranges between 12 and 20 feet in length, it is about 20 inches wide and weighs between 20 and 40 pounds. read more
Kayaking Paddleboarding

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