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Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. It consists of a board usually 2 to 2.5 metres (6 ft 7 in to 8 ft 2 in) long, with displacements typically between 45 and 150 litres (9.9 and 33.0 imp gal; 12 and 40 US gal), powered by wind on a sail. The rig is connected to the board by a free-rotating universal joint and consists of a mast, boom and sail. On “short” boards The sail area generally ranges from 1.5 to 12 square metres (16 to 129 sq ft) depending on the conditions, the skill of the sailor, the type of windsurfing being undertaken and the weight of the person windsurfing. On long boards, upon which the sport was first popularized -sail areas and board lengths are typically larger and the athleticism required is much less.
History of Windsurfing
Windsurfing, as a sport and recreational activity, did not emerge until the latter half of the 20th century. But before this, there have been sailing boats of various designs that have used wind as the driving force for millennia, and Polynesians have been riding waves for many of them, undertaking day trips over oceans standing upright on a solid board with a vertical sail.

In 1948, 20-year-old Newman Darby was the first to conceive the idea of using a handheld sail and rig mounted on a universal joint so that he could control his small catamaran—the first rudderless sailboard ever built that allowed a person to steer by shifting his or her weight in order to tilt the sail fore and aft. Darby did not file a patent for the sailboard. However, he is widely recognized as its inventor as well as the first to conceive, design, and build a sailboard with a universal joint. In his own words, Darby experimented throughout much of the 1950s and 1960s and it wasn't until 1963 that an improved sailboard with a conventional stayed sloop rig sail arrangement made it more stable than the one built in 1948. In 1964, Darby began selling his sailboards.

Windsurfing as a Competitive Sport
In windsurfing competitions, there are the following disciplines:
● Olympic Windsurfing Class (RS:X)
● Formula Class
● Raceboard Class
● Slalom
● Wavesailing
● Freestyle
● Speed Racing
● Foil
● Super X
● Tandem
Freestyle and Wave are judged competitions, the sailor with best technique and diversity wins. Olympic Boardsailing, Formula windsurfing, Slalom and SuperX are races where many sailors compete on a course, and Speed Racing is a race where sailors compete on a straight 500 m course in turns.

Windsurfing Destinations
9. Nissi Beach - Cyprus
Windsurfing has been a popular adventure activity for all ages and abilities for many years. And one of the reasons for its continuing increase in popularity is its inclusivity meaning anyone can enjoy the sport. As well as being a great full body workout, windsurfing is fun, fast and exhilarating giving a real adrenaline rush to adventure sport junkies. We have compiled out top 10 windsurfing destinations in the world so you know exactly where to head with your board next.

Rhodes is becoming a very popular tourist destination with its miles of idyllic beaches and landscapes. And what better way to enjoy and admire these beaches than on the water! Located in Ixia, Surfers Paradise offer lessons and rental so any ability is able to enjoy the sport from April to October.

It may not always be warm but the Columbia River is a favoured windsurfing destination for many with it heavily influencing the culture of the area. You’ll find shops, stores and instructors lining the streets and with plenty of launch sites along the river it won’t be long before you are in the water making the most of that wind! Visit for more information.

It may be in the top 10 windsurfing destinations but the virgin island offers a whole host of water sports in some of the best scenery. With its warm waters and idyllic beaches, you can kayak, scuba dive, windsurf and snorkel to your hearts content. We’d be surprised if you spent any time on dry land here!

Head to top windsurfing destination Cabarete in the summer months and you won’t be disappointed. There is even a windsurfing spot called Kite Beach which of course is amongst the most popular. Open all year round and with windsurf schools all along the coast this is a fantastic place to learn and practice. For more information, visit Vela Resorts.


With 30mph winds and brilliant bright white beaches lined with palm trees it’s easy to see why Boracay appears as a top windsurfing destination. offers lessons and rental so no matter your experience you can take full advantage of windsurfing on one of the best beaches in the world.

About 50miles from Venezuela you will find the Caribbean Island of Bonaire, with sunshine and steady winds all year round it makes for a stunning windsurfing destination. Due to the nature of the bay there is great spots both with calmer water for beginners to practice and swells further out for the more experienced windsurfers. And with many of the windsurfing professionals deciding to call this part of the world home, it won’t take long to realise just why.
Visit for more information.

This family-friendly tourist destination will mean that everyone can get involved with windsurfing. And for those who are less keen there is a whole host of other activities to enjoy. With some fantastic waves and stunning scenery, it is a great place for windsurfers to have some fun.
Visit for more information.

The Red Sea has been a popular windsurfing destination for decades with most hotels in the area now offering windsurfing lessons as part of their activities package. With watersport rentals littering the coast, once you have learnt the basics it won’t be too long before you are off on your own. The mountains create a wind tunnel that boast powerful gusts in the afternoon giving the area almost 300 days a year windsurf weather.

Home to the Windsurfing World Championships, Sotavento Beach is the holy ground for windsurfers. The beach is open for everyone to try windsurfing all year round with the Championships being held in July. Due to the nature of the island, it offers varying wind conditions so windsurfers can find exactly what they are looking for with the beautiful scenic beaches as a backdrop.
Visit for more information.

The windurfing capital of the world and our top windsurfing destination is Maui, Hawaii. It is no surprise that the state famed for surfing is also the number 1 windsurfing destination with tempartures well above 26 degrees most of the year, trade winds ripe from May to October and stunning scenery. However, make sure you watch out for sharks as they have been known to make an appearance or two in this hot spot!

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